Arrays of Objects

With the combination of Strickland's objectProps and arrayElements validators, it's easy to validate arrays of objects.

import validate, {
    objectProps, arrayElements, required, length, range, every
} from 'strickland';

const personValidator = objectProps({
    name: every([required(), length(5, 40)]),
    addresses: arrayElements(
                street: objectProps({
                    number: every([required(), range(1, 99999)]),
                    name: every([required(), length(2, 40)])
                city: required(),
                state: every([required(), length(2, 2)])

const person = {
    name: 'Marty McFly',
    addresses: [
            street: {
                number: 9303,
                name: 'Lyon Drive'
            city: 'Hill Valley',
            state: 'CA'
            street: null,
            city: 'Hill Valley',
            state: 'CA'

const result = validate(personValidator, person);

Objects can be nested without any limits on depth. And any type of validator can be used anywhere in the tree.

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